Shake your way into the mixology market

Mobile cocktail service made easy

If you’ve been mulling over the emerging mixology trend in the F&B industry, thinking it’s a market you want to enter but haven’t found the right channel yet, read on…

It’s taken us a while to make sure a bartender’s every need is catered to, that the hardware is only the best and of course, to make everything mobile, but we’re very proud to announce the official launch of our Mobile Mixology Cart and it’s luxury sibling, The Rover .

We’re ready to help you capture the mixology market…

Until now, mixology has been a tricky area to manage in terms of the HoReCa industry because it requires an establishment to have its own permanent bar facility from where the mixologist can work. We have changed everything.

The Mobile Mixology Cart

We want you to be able to take advantage of the growing popularity of mixology simply by having the means to provide the service whenever and wherever you wish. Every opportunity to seize the moment in which a guest or customer would indulge in a cocktail or two is now possible with our Mobile Mixology Carts.

Equipped with the Thrill Vortex F1 PRO glass chiller

Equipped with the Thrill Vortex F1 Pro glass chiller, its own sink & water tap, refrigerated drawer, ice buckets, champagne cooler, bottle rack, glass rack, tool holder and chilled containers for fresh ingredients, the carts are equipped to the standards expected of any world-class bar, but to top it all off, they are quickly and easily moved from one location to another… 100% mobile.


Within the F&B industry, mixology has quickly grown to play a pivotal role in the operation big name hotels and Michelin-starred restaurants. Wherever consumers can find unique luxury dining experiences, they now also expect to find bespoke cocktails to precede and accompany the food. As simple cocktail shaking morphs into culinary and molecular mixology, the market becomes increasingly competitive as master mixologists are employed by hotels and restaurants to represent their brand and create a bespoke cocktail menu for the establishment.

The Mobile Mixology Carts are set to influence this market in such a way that you will no longer need a permanent bar in your establishment in order to access this incredibly profitable sector. If you are already established in the HoReCa industry, expanding into mixology could just be the next step towards taking your brand to the next level.

Serve guests cocktails ANYWHERE on your property!